If you not only have a passion for hockey, and broad experience in betting, but you also have a way with words and love to write about what you like the most, then we have a place for you in our magazine’s writing staff. Perhaps you had never considered this opportunity, but you’ll love it.

See, I’m sure you understand that there’s quite a bit of information to share and talk about, regarding the world of hockey and hockey betting. Just the NHL alone produces so much data and the statistics and trends to share seem endless. Yet in our magazine, we try to keep everything up to date and accurate.

This is where you, our dear reader, come in. It’s wonderful to have you visiting our online site and maybe even sending feedback. However, we would be thrilled if you decided to consider writing for us, assuming you have what it takes, cause there’s always a new player, a new team, a new hot topic that needs to be discussed ASAP.

The selection process is rather easy, as you will only need to send a sample of what you can write to our email address, available in our site’s Contact Us section. That way we get a little bit of a taste of where you are at when it comes to managing the English language and the way you convey your thoughts and tips.

When our staff decides your writing is right on point with what our magazine is all about, they’ll reach out to you and set a bit of an interview, just to make sure you comply with all our policies. This is done to keep all ducks in a row, avoid people writing in inappropriate ways or subjects not to do with hockey. We are excited each time we receive a new application, as we know we can always use more hockey betting fans to join our little corner of the online world. So do not hesitate, email us and let us know just how good you are at writing about your passion. You might just get the best job of your life!