You might just be coming to our little online space today, but we have been around for almost a decade, sharing our passion for hockey and turning it into a profitable hobby as we learn more and more about what it takes to place winning bets on the matches. Slowly but surely, we became experts in the matter and built up a decent reader base that only grows as time goes by.

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We would like to tell you about how it all started, so humbly and fun. About 8 years ago, in a small room filled with too many hockey fans, brawling and arguing about whose team was more likely to win and why. Who was the best player and why? What matches were going to be particularly interesting and why? And one day it all sparked an idea.

We started thinking about how it would be to gather all our knowledge in one place and share it with other obstinate and passionate fans, how it would be to turn our hobby into at least a side job. A physical magazine is rather impractical for a bunch of hockey fans only starting to spread the word.

The decision was made, to go with an online magazine, though back then it was just a rather informal blog where we would take turns posting about what each of us felt was important. Now, 8 years later we’re a fully grown and well trusted online magazine where bettors all over the world can come and learn how to better their chances when betting on hockey.

After all these years of having fun and being able to share our knowledge, information, and tips about the sport and its odds, we want you to share your experience with Hockey betting. Have you ever tried it before? Are you interested in investing a small amount of money on specific matches to make money with it?

Feel the thrill to be experiencing a time like this one in the world, and take advantage of every incentive you could find to become greater and bigger in life. Expand your mind to new ways to make businesses, money, and networking by following the information we share on our website.

We started the website to share a useful platform to each and every one of the hockey fanatics out there in the world, and to become part of their lives by publishing good information, tips, odds, and recommendations to make the best possible bet to make you earn a lot of revenue with it.

AND said platform has become a very useful website for everybody who visits it, as much as it is helpful for everyone working on it. We are waiting for you to share our content, now.