5 Moments That Broke the Odds when Betting in NHL

Hockey is a sport that has many fans worldwide and the most important and recognized league, NHL, is one of the most popular in sportsbooks.

But being a sport so exciting and with so much physical contact, have seen big moments in games that have remained in the history of hockey, especially in the case of injuries or even death that has happened.

That is why here we leave you some moments that broke the odds when betting in NHL.

Ace Bailey

Eddie Shore completely destroyed the career of Ace Bailey, a player from Toronto, and even nearly ended his life, giving him a strong blow in the back during the season of 1933-1934. Bailey had severe fractures in the skull and was saved by emergency surgery.

It was a big shock for the Toronto team and its fans because Bailey’s career was completely over, and being a major player also negatively affected their performance in the bookmakers.

Maurice Richard

Richard’s story wasn’t so traumatic because it has a happy ending. In the game in 1952 against the Boston Bruins, he received a strong blow to the head, which even caused a brain contusion and a cut above his eye, causing a lot of bleeding. But he also entered to play again and scored the winning goal, beating all the odds by using a blindfold and all bloody.

Bill Masterton

It’s the saddest story in the NHL when Bill Masterton was the only hockey player who died from an accident that happened in a game during 1968. He played for the Minnesota North Stars and they were facing the Oakland Seals, when he was hit by two players of the Seals that made him lose his balance and hit his head hard, being hospitalized in the hospital where he ended up dying a few days later.

It was the strongest shock that a team has received in the NHL, especially shock to the fans and therefore also to the bets since it was an emotional blow and a big loss.

Bobby Clark vs Barry Cummins

It was a confrontation between these two players during the NHL season in 1973-74, the most classic and remembered where according to Cummins statements in his book, he explained that Clark fit his hockey stick in his eye causing him serious bleeding and pain, even preventing him from seeing at the moment, so he reacted in the same way and also hit him in the eye with his stick.

Although the Cummins team ended up winning so the Flyers bettors weren’t affected at all with the result, quite the opposite with Clark’s team and his fans losing 5-1.

Marian Hossa

This player was severely beaten by Raffi Torres of Phoenix during the 2012 season. It was one of the strongest and most surprising accidents since Hossa was severely hospitalized with a brain contusion for some time and Torres received a suspension penalty for 21 games.

Causing a serious problem to the Coyotes teams and to the punters, because Raffi was one of the most important players of the team.

If you see images or videos of these moments or any other, possibly many can’t handle with it. But without doubts, it’s demonstrated that in the pitch all the players try to give everything of them, although they are exposed to great injuries or accidents like these.

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