Are you Betting on the Winner? NHL MVP Nominees to Win It

The guessing game during the award season can be pretty fun, but it can be quite risky, so in order to have a better perspective and be a little bit precise with the choices you make, we’d like to offer some help, giving you good information about 2 great players. The following players are considered good options to bet on but you’re free to do more in-depth research.

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Vladimir Tarasenko

Currently known as the STL alternative captain, despite his recent surgery and development, due to SLT struggle on offense, he is expected to shine accompanied by his team’s recent acquisition. If Tarasenko get close to the 50-goals mark, this season he could be able to do great things and the possibility of him winning exists.

Aleksander Barkov

He is the captain of the Florida Panthers and he has been there since 2013, an impressive player who had a pace of almost one point per game last season. It is expected that Barkov’s development could generate an improvement, and seeing what the team did in the last few months, we could say that this will lead to an interesting outcome this year.In conclusion, we can expect great things from many players this year, but we could always have an unexpected result, so doing a little bit more of research wouldn’t be so bad. Hope you enjoy this season!

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