Horse Betting: Where to Start

Betting on horses can seem intimidating – and with good reason. Alongside its reputation as one of the more sophisticated and specialized forms of betting, horse racing has seen a surge in attention due to renewed interest from younger audiences. But where should you start if you’re looking to make your mark in this exciting world? Whether you’re new to horse betting or have been paddling around these waters for some time, there is plenty to learn about how best to gain entry into betting on races across the country. In this blog post, let’s take a tour through the world of equine wagering so that we can understand precisely why it ticks all the boxes for an afternoon at the track.

1.   Know the different types of bets

Before you start you need to make sure you know how to place a bet, horse betting can be an exciting way to enjoy horse racing, but success in horse betting requires knowledge of the different types of bets. For starters, a win bet means one is selecting a horse to finish first. On the other hand, place bets require one to guess which horse will finish first or second. Show bets are more involved since they require one to guess whose horse will win, place, and show in respective order.

Finally, exacta bets require an even higher level of skill as one is required to predict the order of the top two finishers correctly. Therefore, having a sound understanding of these four major horse betting types can go a long way when trying to make predictions on horse races.

2.   Do your research

When it comes to horse betting, doing your research is key. Knowing the horse’s history, track record, and current health are all important factors in making a successful bet. Looking into horse racing best practices can also help give you insight into which horses have the best chances of winning.

Additionally, keeping an eye on the odds can provide useful information regarding the horse’s potential for success in any given race. By taking the time to thoroughly explore all available information related to horse betting, you can greatly increase your chances of making informed and profitable bets.

3.   Stick to your budget

Sticking to a budget is not just wise for horse bettors – it’s practically a requirement for making money in horse betting. Having a well-thought-out financial plan that clearly defines your spending limits can be the line between success and failure as a horse bettor. When forming your budget, account for all horse-related expenses like trainers, jockeys, vet bills, and travel costs – then decide on the amount you are willing to wager and never exceed it.

Knowing when to stop betting is an important part of horse betting. Protecting yourself and starting with a conservative budget can be an effective strategy for turning horse betting into a profitable venture.

4.   Manage your emotions

The way you handle the difficulty of making wagers and determining your odds can be emotionally challenging. Staying positive, hopeful, and focused on the strategies you have adopted to improve your chances of winning will help limit any emotional investment that could get in the way of objective decision-making during the racing season.

It is important to remain mindful of any feelings or biases that may be influencing your day-to-day betting decisions and use techniques such as meditation or breathing exercises to keep you calm and collected while placing bets. Taking time away from gambling between races helps balance the emotions associated with this potentially volatile activity. Manage your emotions proactively, maintain good mental health practices, and seek support when needed for a successful horse betting experience.

5.   Have realistic expectations

Horse betting can be an exciting and potentially profitable activity, but it requires careful analysis of past performance along with an understanding of the current state of the racing environment. In any situation, it is wise to be aware that no betting approach will guarantee steady profits; horse racing is a game of uncertainty.

It is unlikely for one’s luck to remain constant over time; no matter how in-depth your knowledge or research may be. That being said, take the time and effort required to understand the nuances of horse betting to make more informed bets with realistic expectations.

2 Hockey Teams You Should Bet On to Win the 2019 Stanley Cup

All hockey fans know just how huge the Stanley Cup is, and all hockey bettors know that this makes profiting out of it a bit trickier. This year it is specially complicated, as the league saw much movement and changes over the summer.

So, our experts have endeavored reviewing two of the strongest teams you should bet on, to win this year’s Stanley Cup.

ice hockey 265019 1920 1024x754 - 2 Hockey Teams You Should Bet On to Win the 2019 Stanley Cup

Winnipeg Jets

250px Winnipeg Jets Logo 2011.svg  - 2 Hockey Teams You Should Bet On to Win the 2019 Stanley Cup

This season the Jets will be quite interesting to watch, as they have quite a superb offensive with Scheifele and Laine, and they are joined in the team by the ever entertaining rookie Kristian Vesalainen. Rounding it all up is the Vezina candidate Connor Halleybuck. They really have put together an outstanding team that we’ll keep top of mind when it’s time to place our bets.

Nashville Predators

1200px Nashville Predators Logo 2011.svg  300x176 - 2 Hockey Teams You Should Bet On to Win the 2019 Stanley Cup

This season the Predators are coming positively ravenous, and especially their manager David Poile. He has managed to get them to the Cup’s finals back in 2017, and even more interesting, winning the President’s Trophy last year, Poile is itching to get his hands on the Stanley Cup and has just the team to do so.

Each new season brings its own new excitements and new opportunities to have fun and earn some money by watching and following as detailed as we can, the teams and sport we love.

This year’s Stanley Cup is no exception, with the Jets and the Predators highly motivated to get their hands on it, place your wagers!

Are you Betting on the Winner? NHL MVP Nominees to Win It

The guessing game during the award season can be pretty fun, but it can be quite risky, so in order to have a better perspective and be a little bit precise with the choices you make, we’d like to offer some help, giving you good information about 2 great players. The following players are considered good options to bet on but you’re free to do more in-depth research.

del 2984414 1920 1024x683 - Are you Betting on the Winner? NHL MVP Nominees to Win It

Vladimir Tarasenko

Currently known as the STL alternative captain, despite his recent surgery and development, due to SLT struggle on offense, he is expected to shine accompanied by his team’s recent acquisition. If Tarasenko get close to the 50-goals mark, this season he could be able to do great things and the possibility of him winning exists.

Aleksander Barkov

He is the captain of the Florida Panthers and he has been there since 2013, an impressive player who had a pace of almost one point per game last season. It is expected that Barkov’s development could generate an improvement, and seeing what the team did in the last few months, we could say that this will lead to an interesting outcome this year.In conclusion, we can expect great things from many players this year, but we could always have an unexpected result, so doing a little bit more of research wouldn’t be so bad. Hope you enjoy this season!

5 Moments That Broke the Odds when Betting in NHL

Hockey is a sport that has many fans worldwide and the most important and recognized league, NHL, is one of the most popular in sportsbooks.

But being a sport so exciting and with so much physical contact, have seen big moments in games that have remained in the history of hockey, especially in the case of injuries or even death that has happened.

That is why here we leave you some moments that broke the odds when betting in NHL.

Ace Bailey

Eddie Shore completely destroyed the career of Ace Bailey, a player from Toronto, and even nearly ended his life, giving him a strong blow in the back during the season of 1933-1934. Bailey had severe fractures in the skull and was saved by emergency surgery.

It was a big shock for the Toronto team and its fans because Bailey’s career was completely over, and being a major player also negatively affected their performance in the bookmakers.

Maurice Richard

Richard’s story wasn’t so traumatic because it has a happy ending. In the game in 1952 against the Boston Bruins, he received a strong blow to the head, which even caused a brain contusion and a cut above his eye, causing a lot of bleeding. But he also entered to play again and scored the winning goal, beating all the odds by using a blindfold and all bloody.

Bill Masterton

It’s the saddest story in the NHL when Bill Masterton was the only hockey player who died from an accident that happened in a game during 1968. He played for the Minnesota North Stars and they were facing the Oakland Seals, when he was hit by two players of the Seals that made him lose his balance and hit his head hard, being hospitalized in the hospital where he ended up dying a few days later.

It was the strongest shock that a team has received in the NHL, especially shock to the fans and therefore also to the bets since it was an emotional blow and a big loss.

Bobby Clark vs Barry Cummins

It was a confrontation between these two players during the NHL season in 1973-74, the most classic and remembered where according to Cummins statements in his book, he explained that Clark fit his hockey stick in his eye causing him serious bleeding and pain, even preventing him from seeing at the moment, so he reacted in the same way and also hit him in the eye with his stick.

Although the Cummins team ended up winning so the Flyers bettors weren’t affected at all with the result, quite the opposite with Clark’s team and his fans losing 5-1.

Marian Hossa

This player was severely beaten by Raffi Torres of Phoenix during the 2012 season. It was one of the strongest and most surprising accidents since Hossa was severely hospitalized with a brain contusion for some time and Torres received a suspension penalty for 21 games.

Causing a serious problem to the Coyotes teams and to the punters, because Raffi was one of the most important players of the team.

If you see images or videos of these moments or any other, possibly many can’t handle with it. But without doubts, it’s demonstrated that in the pitch all the players try to give everything of them, although they are exposed to great injuries or accidents like these.